Composition :-

Composition Action
(Subtilisin) Break peptide bond between amino acids & breaks down proteinaceous matter blood, protein rich body fluids.
Lipase Breaks down body lipids and fatty substances, cream, ointments
Amylase Break down carbohydrates, polysaccharides, saliva & Mucus
Cellulase Breaks down cellulose, starchy matter, cell wall & cell membrane, fiscal matter medicinal powder 7 liquids.

 Advantages :-

Cleans bioburden
Cleans biofilm FPS made by pathogens
Broad spectrum material compatibility
Neutral pH
Low foaming solution


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Directions for use :-

Use Luke warm water(40 C to 50C) for better cleaning results. Instruments with heavy and dried residue may require longer immersion time in tray. Rinse in water and dry the instruments after cleaning with Doctevo Enzyme. Doctevo Enzyme disinfecting or sterilization. Prepare fresh Doctevo Enzyme working solution daily. For cleaning of endoscopes, anesthesia equipment’s, dental & surgical instruments and medical devices, refer the dilution table :

Cleaning Method Doctevo Enzyme
Dilution : Water
Recommended Soak time
Ultrasonic 10-15 ml per Ltr. 15-20 min.
Automatic washer/Disinfector 7.5 ml per Ltr. 5 min.
Automatic endoscope Re-processor 3ml per Ltr. 4 min.

Product Specification:

Color Purple
Fragrance Lavender
pH 7.5(Neutral)
Biodegradable 100%
Self Life 2 Years
Pack Size 1 Ltr. & 5 Ltr.

Advantages :-

1. Cleans bioburden
2. Cleans biofilm FPS made by pathogens
3. Broad spectrum material compatibility
4. Neutral pH
5. Low foaming solution

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