5th Generation Quaternary Ammonium Compound Composition :

Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride 8.70% w/v
n-Alkyl Dimethyl benzyl ammonium Chloride 8.19% w/v
Inert Ingredients


Broad spectrum antimicrobial activity
Safe to disinfect all premises furniture.
Non damaging to fabric
Pleasant odor
Biodegradable & eco-friendly


Useful info and health tips

Product Specification: –

Color : Colorless (After Dilution)
Fragrance : Odorless (After Dilution)
Shelf Life : 3 years (Concentrated)
60 days (Diluted)
pH : Neutral pH (After Dilution)
Pack Size : 1Ltr./5 Ltr.

Versatility : –

1. Can be used with a fogger machine to disinfect
the operation theatre
2. Can be used in mopping critical, non-critical &
semi-critical conditions.
3. Excellent functionality as a laundromat.
4. Can be sprayed (as CDC guideline 2017 update)

Other Info

Mode of Action
• The compound is +ve charged while microbial cell
surface is -ve charged.
• Absorption of compound on the
bacterial/viral/fungal cell surface.
• Diffusion through the microbial cell surface.
• Binding onto the cytoplasmic membrane.
• Release of K icons and other cytoplasmic
• Precipitation of cell contents leading to the death of the cell and inactivation of bacteria/virus/fungi.

LS-256 meets all CDC selection criteria for surface & environmental disinfection of healthcare facilities: –

1. Use low levels or intermittent level, US-EPA registered disinfectant.
2. Should have 10 minutes contact time claim.
3. Should inactivate bloodborne pathogens (e.g., HBV, HCV and HIV) & MRSA in surface disinfection.
4. Tuberculocidal claim is not a benchmark for efficacy of surface and environmental disinfection.

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